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Rotala wallichii

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Rotala wallichii, a striking stem plant native to South-Eastern Asia, boasts vibrant purple flowers and is highly sought after despite its moderate cultivation difficulty. Thriving with ample light, CO2 fertilization, and balanced nutrients, it requires a minimum light intensity of 0.5 watts per liter to achieve vivid colors and robust growth.

CO2 supplementation is essential, and maintaining nitrate levels between 10 to 15 mg per liter ensures optimal growth. With a preference for high phosphate content and sufficient iron and micronutrient supply, R. wallichii rewards enthusiasts with stunning foliage ranging from pink to deep red.

Its upward growth pattern forms lush groups, with intense colors concentrated near the surface. Propagation is easily achieved through cuttings, quickly developing new roots when replanted. Ideal for Nature Aquaria and Dutch-style tanks, planting three to five stems together creates beautifully dense clusters, making it an excellent choice for the middle or background of an aquarium.

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