Dennerle Plants Soil

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Soil contains plentiful nutrients, which makes it excellent for planted aquariums. Additionally, it is an active substrate that brings down the carbonate hardness (KH) and maintains a stable pH level. Many aquatic creatures as well as plants favor soft, slightly acidic water, resembling their tropical habitats. Composed entirely of valuable clay minerals, Soil is a natural product. With a porous 2-3mm grain size, filter bacteria possess a prime colonisation area, elevating biological filtration. Out of the bag, Soil substrate is ready to use without the need for an extra layer of gravel.
Size: 3L
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There is a wide selection of more than 60 different plant species available for you to choose from. These plants are all tissue culture, ensuring that you receive the highest quality and quantity. Moreover, these plants are already adapted to underwater growth, providing you with optimal results. In fact, they offer a greater plant mass compared to regular potted aquarium plants.

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