Our Story

Rooftop of the Dennerle Plants offices and green houses

Aquarium plants have been our great passion for over 50 years!

Nature is full of wonders. It teaches us the laws of biological balance and naturally develops amazing solutions to complicated problems.

Driven by his love for aquaristics (a fairly obscure hobby at the time), Ludwig Dennerle, the company founder of Dennerle GmbH, decided to explore the world of aquatic plants over fifty years ago. 

This passionate curiosity remains our motivation in Dennerle Plants GmbH today, as we strive to inspire more and more people with the natural world of the aquarium. Nature is full of wonders. It teaches us the laws of biological balance and naturally develops amazing solutions to complicated problems.

The start of something new

Dennerle has roots dating back to 1966 and have thus been part of the aquarium hobby for more than 50 years. The younger history of Dennerle Plants GmbH starts in December 2017, when the Dennerle plant business became part of the JPS aquatic group. Since this rebirth the development has been characterized by different initiatives to reinvent and reorganize the company. 

Visualization of an ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning

In 2018 Dennerle Plants starts with their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and got the direct dialog with customers worldwide. At the same time the new shipping area was implemented, which is still one of the most modern ones in Europe.

Dennerle Plants new light in greenhouses in Germany

Modernizing the greenhouses

In 2020 Dennerle Plants finished modernizing the technic in the greenhouses in Germany with new lights and curtains.

Dennerle Plants  new logo and brand identity

A brand new identity

In the beginning of 2021 Dennerle Plants has finalized its own visual identity on the market with focus on plants with a new homepage and plant specific logo.  

Shipping Plants directly to consumers in the UK

In 2024 Dennerle Plants makes its aquarium plants and CARE products available in the UK via this new website.

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