Dennerle Plants Substrate

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Dennerle Plants Substrate is a classic long-term nutrient bottom layer with a balanced nutrient depot for the growth of healthy and vital plants. Natural clay minerals and peat dust in concentrate form regulate the nutrient balance. Nutrients are released when needed and absorbed when there is an excess supply. The substrate is always used in combination with a top layer of gravel or soil. This combination of substrate and gravel or soil ensures healthy and strong root growth as well as a natural-looking aquatic environment. Additionally, the balanced nutrient depot in the substrate prevents deficiencies and supports lush, healthy plant growth.
Size: 1L
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There is a wide selection of more than 60 different plant species available for you to choose from. These plants are all tissue culture, ensuring that you receive the highest quality and quantity. Moreover, these plants are already adapted to underwater growth, providing you with optimal results. In fact, they offer a greater plant mass compared to regular potted aquarium plants.

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