Dennerle Plants Liquid Plus

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Dennerle Plants Liquid Plus fertilizer features the same iron (Fe) and trace elements as Liquid, plus nitrate (N), phosphate (P), and a higher potassium (K) concentration. It is especially suitable for heavily planted aquariums and tanks with fewer fish, providing a complete fertilizer with all micro and macro nutrients in a single bottle. Plants with high nutrient requirements and low fish populations can particularly benefit from this liquid fertilizer. Algae infestations should be addressed by initially dosing more conservatively and increasing the water change frequency. Check the water values and all essential components to address the root cause. Liquid Plus is also safe for inverts, like shrimps, crayfish, and snails.
Size: 125ml
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There is a wide selection of more than 60 different plant species available for you to choose from. These plants are all tissue culture, ensuring that you receive the highest quality and quantity. Moreover, these plants are already adapted to underwater growth, providing you with optimal results. In fact, they offer a greater plant mass compared to regular potted aquarium plants.

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