Dennerle Plants CARE

Dennerle Plants CARE

A Symphony of Life: Dennerle Plants Care Products

"If the plant is doing well, the fish is doing well!" This profound yet straightforward ethos, championed by the company's founder, Ludwig Dennerle, encapsulates the essence of aquarist wisdom. Within the microcosm of an aquarium, the interplay of water, flora, and the creatures that inhabit it—fish, shrimp, and snails—creates a harmonious, interconnected biological system.


Thriving aquatic plants are the unsung heroes, tirelessly enriching the ecosystem. They unfurl a lush canopy that not only breathes life into the aquarium but also serves as a haven and territorial demarcation for its inhabitants. Yet, like their terrestrial counterparts, aquatic plants also rely on an abundant supply of nutrients. Herein lies the secret to a flourishing underwater world: CO2, substrate, and liquid fertilizer. Dennerle Plants' new Care products are designed to address these vital components and lay the foundation for a vibrant aquatic biotope within your living space.

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CO2 System

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Substrate System

Dennerle Liquid Range

Liquid Fertilizer 

CO2: The Breath of Life for Aquatic Flora

Carbon dioxide (CO2) ranks among the most vital nutrients for aquatic plants. Dennerle Plants presents the CO2 Starter Kit, a cost-effective solution tailored to smaller aquariums. Employing the principles of biological yeast fermentation (Bio CO2), this kit ensures a steady supply of this essential gas. The CO2 Starter Refill keeps the CO2 flowing for up to 60 days, allowing you to enjoy lush greenery time and again. The CO2 Diffuser, crafted from unbreakable PET material and featuring a ceramic membrane, atomizes CO2 into minute bubbles. These bubbles seamlessly disperse throughout the aquarium via the current, enhancing their dissolution in the water and promoting plant health.

Substrate: The Root of Growth

Substrate serves as a wellspring of nourishment for aquarium plants, chiefly absorbed through their roots. Dennerle Plants' Soil substrate, composed of 100% natural raw materials, functions as an active, standalone substrate that not only enriches the soil but also lowers pH levels and carbonate hardness. This ready-to-use Soil substrate obviates the need for an additional layer of gravel. For a long-term nutrient boost, consider incorporating Power Caps. These nutrient capsules, designed for robustly growing plants with substantial root systems, deliver an extra dose of iron, NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), and trace elements. Nestled deep into the substrate at the plant's base, these capsules provide the plant with vital nutrients, ensuring its vitality and vigor.

Liquid Fertilizer: Nourishment from Leaf to Root

Liquid fertilizer offers direct nourishment to aquatic plants, absorbed primarily through their leaves. Dennerle Plants offers the Liquid series, affording aquarists the choice of two products that can be used independently or in tandem to suit their aquarium's unique needs. Liquid, enriched with iron and trace elements, caters to aquariums with few plants and a high fish population. Meanwhile, Liquid Plus mirrors Liquid's iron and trace element content but also introduces nitrate and phosphate into the equation, along with a higher concentration of potassium. It shines in densely planted aquariums and those with fewer fish. Whether you opt for Liquid or Liquid Plus, these fertilizers enrich your aquatic flora, ensuring their vibrancy.

The Legacy of Experience

The Dennerle Plants Care products represent the distillation of years of experience and knowledge garnered from Europe's premier aquatic plant nursery. With these carefully crafted solutions, you are poised to unlock the full potential of your aquarium, nurturing not just its aquatic flora but also its vibrant aquatic community.

In the grand tapestry of aquascaping, the Dennerle Plants Care products are the brushstrokes that breathe life into your aquatic masterpiece, ushering in a symphony of color, vitality, and balance.

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