Aquarium Inspiration

The design of an underwater landscape is a creative experience and everyone has their own design preferences. Some design criteria can automatically lead to a harmonious overall impression. Of course, the possibilities are influenced by many parameters, such as the dimensions of the aquarium and the aquarium's inhabitants.

Nevertheless, there are some basic tips for creating a magnificent plant world in a glass box. Because various plants grow differently, each aquarium will always be a unique piece of nature. There are no two aquariums that are absolutely alike. This is precisely what makes this fascinating hobby so special!

If you are an avid aquascaper, willing to share your layout in a step by step tutorial with our community - please get in touch with us

Little Wilderness

Little Wilderness

Introduction  This is my 20-liter nano aquascape called: Little Wilderness The name for this scape really says it all, I think. Personally, I just love a densely planted aquascape and I guess my st...